What determines the rate of testosterone in men? what affects the decrease or increase in hormone production? how to maintain androgen levels normally? these and other questions about testosterone are answered in this article.

Testosterone is the norm in men

Much has been written about the importance of testosterone for the male body. Widely, this hormone is called male, since its main amount is produced in the testicles (in the female body – in the ovaries) and in a small amount – in the adrenal glands. In addition, in the body, this sex hormone is present in two forms – inactive and active (total and free testosterone). Testosterone is directly related to potency, to increase it you can buy Cialis Soft – a drug to increase it, but unfortunately this drug will not increase the level of testosterone.

In men and women, a hormone associated with transport proteins (globulin and Albumin) is considered inactive – it is 98% in the body. Active (free) testosterone accounts for only 2% of the total amount of androgens, but this small fraction plays a direct role in puberty in boys and is responsible for sexual desire and potency throughout life.

Normal testosterone levels range from 12 to 33 nmol / liter, which is a component of active testosterone. To understand what the level of testosterone in the male body should be, see the table below.

Factors affecting the level of the “love hormone” in the blood of a man

The formation of steroid hormones directly depends on the central nervous system, therefore the factors affecting the functional state of testosterone determine the degree of their possible concentration. Therefore, to determine the causes of decreased testosterone production, factors are taken into account:

  • age-related changes ·
  • health of the immune system
  • lifestyle of a man
  • chronic diseases (genetic and acquired)
  • excess weight;
  • mental health.

You can record the maximum concentration of the male hormone in the morning hours, the minimum in the evening. The time of year can also significantly change hormones.

Other reasons that determine the level of testosterone in men can be trauma of the genitals and taking various medications, and stress therefore, it is important to monitor the rhythm of your life and the health of the body as a whole, and in case of violations, to be examined in time in a medical institution.

How to maintain testosterone levels in men?

Preventive measures against disorders in the production of testosterone are standard:

  • healthy lifestyle;
  • rejection of bad habits
  • full sleep
  • physical activity in moderation;
  • enriched food.

It is important to remember that both low and high levels of androgens in cells are dangerous for the male body. In addition, the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in both cases are similar.

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