Low testosterone levels can have many reasons, caused by both physiological factors (for example, age, the presence of diseases), and due to external factors, the main of which is the person’s lifestyle. Most of these problems arise as a result of malnutrition, which is the main factor affecting human health. The list of foods that can reduce the level of sex hormones will help adjust the diet towards improving the hormonal levels of men.


Eating foods containing sugar and other simple carbohydrates causes the release of insulin, which is released by the pancreas to counter excess blood sugar. This disrupts the activity of the entire system when there are changes from unnecessary waste of energy to overwork. Insulin blocks the production, distribution and effectiveness of testosterone.

Sugar also increases the synthesis of cortisol, a stress hormone that is an antagonist of testosterone. Together, these factors lead to a decrease in the production of sex hormones and prepare the basis for the deterioration of Health and the occurrence of diseases


(table salt, soda, fast food, canned food, Frozen Foods, Mayonnaise, storage sauces (including soy sauce), sausages, smoked foods, cheese)

On average, men consume 2 times more salt than necessary. The mechanism of the effect of salt on the production of sex hormones is associated with an increase in blood pressure. NaCl promotes fluid retention in the body, as a result of which the heart has to work harder to cope with excess fluid. This can lead to constantly increased pressure and overstrain of the heart muscle with all the ensuing consequences. While in the glands located in the testicles, blood circulation is impaired, which prevents the production and distribution of testosterone and leads to a decrease in erection.


(coffee, black tea, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, chocolate)

Caffeine gives a sense of alertness and energy to the body, but it is not real, but false energy. Every time you drink a cup of invigorating coffee or tea, you fool your brain. How? Caffeine enhances the production of the hormone cortisol and adrenaline to increase the energy you feel. Overall, increasing cortisol and adrenaline levels reduces the body’s need for testosterone and its synthesis.

Caffeine has a diuretic effect, so it does not provide water, but rather removes it, dehydrating the body. All this brings only losses to the hormonal background of a man.


(all alcoholic beverages, except natural red dry wine)

The first drink of alcohol, oddly enough, increases testosterone. The pleasant sensation that arises from this is associated with the desire to drink. However, alcohol helps to convert testosterone into estrogen. In addition, the composition of alcoholic beverages contains sugar and cholesterol, excessive use of which harms men’s health no less than the consumption of alcohol itself.

Fast food

(sausage, sausages, sandwiches, frozen semi-finished products, pasta, pizza, french fries, instant pasta)

The word “fast food” means not only food from fast food restaurants, but also products that surround us in everyday life. Eating fast food is not recommended for several reasons: first, it contains salt, sugar, flavor enhancers, cholesterol, trans fats, and secondly, instant food is depleted in nutrients, that is, it has no practical benefit for organism.

Smoked meat

(sausages, smoked meat, smoked fish, smoked cheese)

Industrial smoking is especially dangerous: due to the use of liquid smoke, toxic damage to the tissues of the testicles occurs. Natural smoking also has a small harm factor.

Bakery products

(white bread, buns, muffins, cookies, pies)

Wheat flour, which is the dominant type of flour in the modern human diet, is prepared by grinding wheat. The main nutrients of wheat (fiber, vitamins and minerals) are contained in its shell. To achieve the marketable appearance of flour, which we are used to seeing in packages, wheat grain goes through a number of stages of production, as a result of which it loses its shell, which damages its culinary properties. As a result, white flour is obtained, which is deprived of anything useful, as a result of industrial production, a substance consisting almost entirely of starch.

There is a non-existent rule: the higher the quality of flour, the more it lacks useful elements, and the more chemical additives are used in its production.

Why white flour is bad for Men? First of all, it contains a large amount of sugar, which stimulates the production of insulin. The product itself from white flour is a high-calorie product, and when preparing the finished product, useful ingredients, sugar, salt, baking powder and others are almost always added.

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