The human body can not exist without all kinds of food additives, vitamins, acids and other biological “building blocks”. Such substances are especially important for athletes, for whom it is very important to achieve the desired performance in a certain time interval. As for one of the acids in many men, the question arises – does creatine affect the potency;

But first, let’s think about what kind of substance it is. Creatine refers to an irreplaceable natural substance, its scientific name resembles a nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid. Actively participates in the exchange of energy in muscle and nerve cells.

Creatine was discovered in 1832 by the French physicist Chevreul. But only after about 100 years it turned out that its ingestion increases body weight.
Creatine can be found in the muscle fibers of any person, even in animals. In the human body, this substance is produced from three amino acids: methionine, glycine and arginine. Our body contains about 100 to 150 grams of creatine.

Enzymes needed to produce creatine are found in the kidneys, liver and pancreas. Acid can form in any of these organs, after which it is distributed to all the muscles of the body.

The main purpose of the substance

The main purpose of the substance in sports, mainly in bodybuilding, creatine is necessary to improve performance and increase muscle mass. Its main role is to help involve muscle contractions. Most creatine is found in red meat, but in plant foods it is very little.

But to take 4-5 GR. acid from beef, you need to eat it in the amount of about 2 kg. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry has established the production of creatine in the form of protein powder, in appearance very similar to powdered milk.

The powder is consumed by stirring with water or another drink (preferably sweet). Mix creatine with liquid only before using this dietary supplement.
The cost of creatine is low, while its effectiveness is high. For the best bodybuilding performance, the creatine / carbohydrate mixture is best suited. The more creatine is in the muscles, the faster the body will store energy. As a result, muscle endurance increases, athletic performance improves.

Through scientific research, it was found that the increase in strength after consuming creatine increases up to 25%. This acid helps to increase the volume of cells, so it becomes much easier and better to train muscles.

We can say that creatine is deposited in the muscles of a person, along with water, leading to an increase in their volume. Fibers thicken, muscle mass actively increases. The musculature becomes elastic, large. In addition, creatine can increase body weight by 5-6 kg in one and a half months.

Creatine and potency

Creatine and potency we now turn to the question of the effect of creatine on potency. It is believed that whatever the dietary supplement is, it is always capable of harming the urinary system of a man. However, scientific studies have made it clear that there is no relationship between libido and creatine levels.

It is very important that the quality of creatine is at a high level. A low-quality product can cause side effects such as muscle spasms and cramps, an increase in body fat, fluid retention in the body, which leads to edema.

Another interesting point is that such effects in most cases do not arise under the influence of creatine itself, but from the substances with which it can be mixed. In addition, if there were side effects, then they were not associated with potency.

Another thing is that the potency can be reduced by a substance issued by unscrupulous companies for creatine. Then sexual dysfunction is possible. Therefore, it is extremely important to purchase a quality product, it will help to avoid possible problems.

Effect of creatine on potency

Creatine and potency so we can say with confidence that high-quality creatine from well-known companies can not harm potency. As it can not increase the level of libido, it does not affect it in any way. But the poor quality of nitrogen-containing acid can lead to side effects, but among them there will be no decrease in potency.

If there was already a violation of sexual desire after using creatine, then you need to understand that it was not creatine at all, but a drug issued for her. And now a completely logical question appears on the horizon: how to distinguish high-quality creatine (and creatine in general) from a completely different drug that can be similar to it.

This product is a completely white powder, the whiter it is, the better the nitrogen-containing acid. And vice versa, if there are other colors (mostly gray) – this clearly indicates that the product is poorly cleaned of any impurities.

In cold water, a high-quality powder dissolves poorly, while it has no taste. But in boiling water, it should dissolve without problems. A week of consumption of real creatine should give the following results:

  • increasing the level of efficiency ·
  • feeling of dehydration, dry mouth.

Although such data is not always a clear sign of a quality product. Each person has his own individual sensitivity to creatine, and if after a few weeks these effects are absent, it is quite possible that the dose of powder for a person will be less than his normal.

The optimal way to determine the quality creatine is to compare exactly the type of powder that a person has already received. If in the past there was a result, but today it is absent, this is an absolute proof that at the moment the client is facing a fake.

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