The sexual health of a man directly depends on his physical health. And it is impossible to maintain both without a healthy diet.

Vegetables and fruits play an important role in the formation of a correct, balanced, daily diet. They contain essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

Consider one of the most popular fruits on the planet. Are bananas good for men’s health in general and for men’s sexual health in particular? studies conducted in “banana-lemon Singapore” by Russian and foreign scientists claim: “yes, bananas are good for male potency!”

The effect of bananas on potency – a study by scientists

Scientists of Singapore in the course of their studies came to the conclusion that if a man regularly eats bananas, he will significantly improve his sexual health. It is proved that this product increases erection times, improves sperm quality and increases the chances of paternity.

To maximize the effectiveness of bananas, you need to follow a certain diet. So, to increase the potency, experts advise to consume 1 banana every 3 days.

The study was led by Professor Xing Chu Dail. He believed that the positive effect of bananas on potency was possible because there is a lot of magnesium in this fruit. This trace element enhances sexual desire and increases the number of male reproductive cells. In addition to the banana, you can increase the potency using:

  • sea food;
  • Cashew nuts;
  • potatoes;
  • pasta.

At the same time, professor Dyle drew attention to the factors that lead to impaired erection. The:

  • smoking;
  • drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages;
  • regular hot showers, baths or saunas.

These conditions, over time, undermine the work of the male urinary system, causing impotence.

The banana belongs to the genus of perennial herbaceous plants of the banana family.

Bananas this is a huge herb with an average height of 5-6 meters (up to 15), the fruits of a banana are rightly called berries. People learned to grow bananas long ago, about 3 thousand years ago, in Southeast Asia. Today, these fruits are among the most popular in the world, they are grown in tropical climates – in Africa and Latin America, in India, Indonesia and other places. In some countries, the export of “growing bananas” is the backbone of the economy, and in some regions bananas continue to be the main factor in human nutrition.

Reasons affecting the weakening of potency

There are many reasons for the weakening of the erection and the decrease in male potency. Here are some of them:

  • The causes of impotence are vascular.
  • hormonal
  • endocrine;
  • neurological;
  • psychological;
  • excessive physical activity, stress, obesity

How to increase potency with bananas?

Bananas are certainly not a panacea. They do not heal, but help a person stay healthy. And only bananas, as they say, will not be full. To get useful substances in the required amount only from bananas, you need to eat a lot of them a day. As long as it is physically impossible to eat. And harmful. Nutrition should be balanced and varied. Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, spices. Dairy products, lean meat and fish. Sea food. Legumes and cereals. Complementing each other, they will saturate the body with everything it needs.

Even the most healthy foods should be consumed reasonably, within acceptable limits. And bananas are no exception.

Ripe bananas contain a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates – about 22 grams. to 100 gr. pulp. It is a high-calorie food. Men who are overweight and obese should not eat many of these sweet fruits every day.

It is not recommended to abuse bananas with increased blood clotting, a tendency to thrombosis, varicose veins.

Green fruits contain a lot of starch. For those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, such fruits can cause discomfort – bloating, heartburn. You need to let the bananas lie down. They will ripen and turn yellow. Starch will turn into easily digestible sugars.

Bananas are valuable only when eaten raw. After heat treatment, it will be only a dessert with a high calorie content, no more.

For men who do not have health problems and are overweight, spend a lot of energy by the nature of their activity, 1-2 bananas a day will not hurt at all. The rest, not so healthy and Slim, will benefit from the same 1-2 bananas, but already a week. And bananas are completely contraindicated for diabetics, they know about it.

It turns out that regular consumption of bananas really helps a person to remain sexually active, happy, healthy, vigorous, immune to infections. Bananas normalize sleep, strengthen the heart and nerves, improve mood, give energy and prolong youth. And young, healthy, vigorous and cheerful people do not have problems with potency.

You can experiment and combine bananas with other fruits useful for potency – Apple, currant, lemon, orange, fig, pomegranate. Do not forget about honey and nuts. Season with your favorite dairy products, sour cream, cream. Add mint, good dark chocolate. In the absence of time, just eat a banana and rinse with orange juice.
To improve potency, fertility, bananas are good to combine with oranges. These fruits perfectly complement each other.

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