In this article, we will look at 5 ways to increase testosterone in men at home quickly and effectively.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. During puberty, testosterone is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in children. It also increases muscle mass, changes the voice and promotes hair growth.

In adult men, normal testosterone levels maintain health and reduce the risk of disease. In addition, this hormone is responsible for sexual function and helps to increase muscle mass.

According to research, testosterone levels decrease with age. Lack of this hormone can lead to hypogonadism. For good health and quality of life, it is necessary to restore low testosterone levels. But before taking medication, you can try natural ways to maintain normal levels of this hormone.

Method 1: strength sports

It is known that sport is good for health. In addition, it is one of the most effective ways to maintain normal testosterone levels.

Regular exercise maintains high levels of this hormone in the body. This has been confirmed by many studies.

In principle, any physical activity will be beneficial, but the greatest effect is obtained by playing heavy sports. These include weightlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting and others.

Scientists have compared the effectiveness of exercise and calorie reduction to increase testosterone. According to their results, playing sports is much more effective.

It is also worth mentioning training at high intensity intervals. This is any kind of “explosive” activity with intervals of rest. For example, interval operation. Such workouts are especially effective for hormonal increases.

In addition to exercise, you can use some sports supplements such as caffeine and creatine monohydrate. These supplements are usually used by professional athletes. When combined with exercise, they can provide a good boost to testosterone.

Method 2: rational Nutrition

The level of testosterone and any other hormones is significantly influenced by our diet.

Therefore, it is necessary to eat right and pay attention to high calorie content and the supply of all essential nutrients. And remember, a constant diet or overeating will negatively affect testosterone levels.

So how do you eat to increase your testosterone levels?

First, you need to consume enough protein. According to research, vegetarians have higher levels of testosterone-fixing globulin and a lower free testosterone index. Of course, it’s not just about animal protein. Other macro and micronutrients found in animal foods increase testosterone levels.

It is also important to take carbohydrates. What’s more, when you exercise intensively, carbohydrates will help regain strength and optimize testosterone levels.

Healthy fats are also extremely important for hormonal health. According to research, its use has a direct correlation with testosterone levels.

Method 3: minimize stress

Numerous studies confirm the negative impact of stress on human health. Prolonged stress raises the levels of the hormone cortisol.

How does this relate to testosterone?

First, an increase in cortisol leads to a rapid decrease in testosterone.

Secondly, constant stress and high cortisol levels contribute to increased hunger. In turn, this leads to overeating and consequent obesity. Adipose tissue is not only formed under the skin. It also enlarges around the abdominal organs. The action of the aromatase enzyme is enhanced. These changes also negatively affect testosterone levels.

To optimize cortisol and testosterone levels, stress must be removed from life. Focus on good nutrition, good sleep and a balanced lifestyle. This will help increase your testosterone levels quickly and effectively.

If you are stressed often, I recommend reading this article on stress reduction.

Method 4: vitamin D and sunbathing

Perhaps vitamin D is one of the most famous vitamins in the world today. There are several varieties. The most popular is vitamin D3. Its second name is cholecalciferol.

Many studies prove its health benefits. One of the positive effects of this vitamin is the increase in testosterone levels.

Despite the popularity of vitamin D, many people suffer from deficiency. And statistics show that in the predominant percentage of the population, the level of this vitamin hardly reaches subnormal values.

In the United States, a 12-month study was conducted on the effect of vitamin D3 on testosterone levels. As a result, the daily intake of 3000 IU increased testosterone levels by 25%.

Cholecalciferol is naturally synthesized in human skin. This biochemical process requires sunlight. But in seasons of low sunstroke, it is extremely difficult to synthesize this vitamin. Therefore, it makes sense to take vitamin D3 from supplements.

It should be noted that the older the person, the more difficult it is to synthesize vitamin D3. A large amount of this vitamin is found in tuna, salmon, sardines, fish oil, eggs, mushrooms and dairy products.

Method 5: follow a rest and sleep routine

Proper sleep is fundamental to our health and affects many aspects of it.

It is in a dream that many hormones are produced, including testosterone, therefore their level largely depends on the quality and duration of sleep.

One study found that sleeping less than 5 hours helped reduce testosterone levels by 15%.

Another study conducted an experiment with 4 hours of sleep. The result was a decrease in testosterone levels to deficient levels. On the other hand, an increase in sleep for every additional hour resulted in a 15% increase in testosterone.

In addition to the duration of sleep, it is important to improve the quality of sleep. Read this article on how to improve your sleep.

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