Erectile dysfunction medications

This method of treatment consists in taking the medications prescribed by the Attending Physician. The action of drugs is aimed at increasing the tone of the body, as well as increasing the intensity of blood flow in the vessels of the penis.
Drug treatment is usually temporary and not effective in all cases.

Vascular Surgery of the penis

In case of revealing the pathology of the vessels of the penis, an operation is performed, the purpose of which is to increase the flow of arterial blood to the penis and slow down the process of venous outflow.
The effectiveness of this method of treating erectile dysfunction is from 20 to 80%.

Endoprosthetics of the penis

The most radical way to restore erectile function is penis stent. Currently, there are several types of prosthetics. The simplest of them are semi-rigid rods. However, more complex devices with elastic cylinders are most often used, in which liquid is injected, which increases the erection.

Psychological treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Therapy of psychological forms of impotence is carried out by a psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of psychosexual disorders. Tactics of treatment in each case are selected strictly individually.

Means and drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Currently, pharmacies offer various erection enhancers. Often, biological supplements( dietary supplements) are sold under erection AIDS, which are ineffective and can have an unpredictable effect, since they have not passed serious clinical trials. It is important to understand here that only a doctor can prescribe medication professionally.

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