How pleasant it is after a hard day and dinner to sleep and sleep. Sleep is vital for our body to rest, it allows us to process the information received during the day and accumulate strength for the next job. Few people know, perhaps they do not even guess, but sleep and potency in men are closely related. We will try to find out how inadequate sleep affects potency.
The benefits of sleep for humans

But from a scientific point of view, such a connection does not seem strange or unusual, since in a state of sleep heals the body. Every time a person is sick, the doctor recommends staying in bed, taking various medications, drinking tea and taking care of sleeping a lot.

Sleep gives us a unique opportunity to strengthen the immune system, calm down, relax. But what is the effect of sleep on potency? this truly unique state of our body does not consist at all in complete inactivity.

Some people may mistakenly believe that if a person sleeps, nothing important happens to his body. In other words, an erroneous opinion can be formed that sleep is required only for relaxation and absolutely nothing else.

This is fundamentally wrong reasoning. So, during sleep, the following changes occur in our body:

  • your heart rate decreases
  • blood circulation slows down.
  • breathing becomes slow and deep.
  • the work of the liver and kidneys slows down.
  • body temperature decreases by 1 degree.
  • the inability to feel absolutely no smell (that’s why carbon monoxide can cause death in a dream, the brain does not feel it at all);
  • almost all muscle groups relax, including the muscles of the pharynx, which leads to the formation of snoring.
  • the highest concentration of growth hormone in the body occurs.
  • regenerative processes occur in tissues;
  • it is easier and faster for the body to overcome the infection (the reason why doctors recommend to sleep more during the illness)
  • new cells are produced.
  • Sex hormones are produced in large quantities.

Sleep and potency in men – how they relate?

The last item from our list allows us to say with confidence that during sleep the concentration of sex hormones in the body reaches its maximum value. So, waking up at night or in the morning, a man can experience an erection.

During sleep, there are so many such substances in our body that an erection occurs even in young children. Sleep is not a homogeneous state; it has many phases. There are slow and fast phases of sleep, and it is in the fast phase that testosterone (the main human sex hormone) is produced in large quantities.

Therefore, a very simple, but extremely important conclusion can be drawn – insufficient sleep simply does not provide a normal opportunity for the production of sex hormones. Or they will be produced, but only in much smaller portions.

And in general, lack of sleep negatively affects not only the potency, a person becomes irritable due to incomplete restoration of the nervous system, the functioning of the heart is disrupted. Without the right amount of time to sleep, we will very quickly have a disturbance in the work of everyone! Of organs and systems.

Therefore, in order for sleep to help us maintain a high level of potency, it is necessary to achieve the fulfillment of three important conditions:

  • the desired duration of sleep
  • conditions for night rest ·
  • correct body position.

In the course of scientific research, it has been proved that 7-8 hours of sleep is enough for the full restoration of strength and energy. In addition, you need to provide normal conditions in the house, so that when you wake up, you feel happy.

Sex hormones are best produced when a person sleeps in complete silence and in the darkest room. Use curtains, blinds or a sleep mask if possible. The less light there is, the deeper the sleep will be and much more testosterone will be produced.

Which sleep positions increase potency

And finally, the position of the body of sleep is important, it also affects the level of libido. To keep the level of sex hormones as high as possible, scientists advise sleeping on your back, while the pillow should be at a low level.

Positions for sleeping on the stomach and a pose in which the head is on a high pillow are recognized as harmful to sexual desire. If you sleep on your stomach, the bladder will deform: this eventually leads to a disruption of normal blood circulation in the genitals.

And in case of a high position of the head on the pillow, the blood supply to the brain is disrupted, which prevents the production of hormones, including sex hormones. Therefore, sleeping on your back is the best for maintaining such an important component of our health, as potency.

Specialists from the University of Chicago have conducted medical research on the effect of lack of sleep on potency. It was decided to check whether men who do not sleep well at night can really experience problems with sexual desire. It has also been suggested that sleep deprivation may be responsible for weak bones in the body.

How inadequate sleep affects potency

For the experiment, 10 men were selected, whose age ranged from 22 to 26 years. All of them were examined for mental and endocrine disorders. For 3 nights, people slept for 10 hours, after which they switched to less than 5 hours of sleep for 8 nights. At the same time, blood was taken from men for analysis every 3 and a half hours.

The study gave the answer that insomnia occurs under the influence of endocrine disorders, usually due to problems with the thyroid gland. And lack of sleep was the reason for a noticeable decrease in testosterone levels, which caused a bad mood, a decrease in mental and physical activity.

Sleep and impotence are, therefore, very closely related. The lack of such a necessary rest has an extremely negative effect on all functions of the body, and in particular on the existence of libido. But in addition to quality sleep for Health, Special aphrodisiac products are needed, which will additionally help us monitor the potency.

Reasonable drinking, the last break with smoking and drugs, an active lifestyle and, of course, a healthy healthy sleep will help each of us to maintain all our health for a long time. For better sex, Viagra will be the ideal assistant, you can order it here.

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