Problems with erectile function in 20 years are no longer uncommon. What leads to a violation of potency in young people, how to treat the disease, we will tell further.

Reasons for violation of potency at an early age

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction. Basically, erectile function suffers in the presence of an underlying disease:

  • Violation of vascular vulnerability. This can be the result of diabetes mellitus (diabetic angiopathy), atherosclerosis, thrombosis of the pelvic arteries, smoking, insufficiency of venous circulation.
  • Endocrine diseases strongly affect the state of potency. In addition, not only the lack of testosterone leads to a weakening of male function, but also to a violation of the production of hormones by the hypothalamic-pituitary gland, the thyroid gland.
  • Problems with potency at the age of 20 often arise against the background of an unstable psycho-emotional state. For young people, recognition, self-esteem and adequate sex education are important. Fear of sexual impotence, fear of rejection from the partner, her attitude towards the young man negatively affects the potency.
  • Neurological disorders. For young people, these are injuries of the spinal cord or brain, as well as large nerve trunks.
  • Disease or damage to the penis. There may be congenital curvature of the organ, as well as injuries received after injuries or operations.
  • Prostatitis caused by pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases.

Why problems with erectile dysfunction are dangerous at 20?

Every person is worried when bad luck happens in bed. After all, good potency is an indicator of male cohesion. The state of power largely depends on the mental state of man. The more a man tries not to be nervous, the more it hurts. A vicious circle appears: worries about failure provide the body with even more stress, as a result – deterioration of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

Problems with potency at any age, 25 or 40 years old, can arise from bad habits. Nicotine causes a permanent spastic state of blood vessels, therefore the blood flow is significantly reduced and for a long time. This also applies to the vessels responsible for the blood supply to the penis. In addition, against the background of smoking, atherosclerosis develops rapidly, further reducing the lumen of the arteries and veins. Alcohol is no less dangerous for potency. It also acts on the central nervous system, the liver, which is involved in the synthesis of hormones and cleanses our body of toxins, the more pronounced the imbalance of hormones, the more impotence manifests itself.

Problems with potency at the age of 20-26 may occur when taking medications. As a rule, such disorders disappear after discontinuation of the drug, but young people who constantly take medications should take care of the health of the male reproductive system.

What drugs can affect the state of potency? for example, for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. This includes drugs for the treatment of hypertension. In young people, hypertension can occur against the background of obesity, as a hereditary disease, as a result of endocrine disorders. Drugs for the treatment of hypertension have an antiandrogenic effect, that is, they inhibit the production of testosterone. Without normal production of this hormone, the function of the genital organs and the synthesis of sperm are impossible. It should be understood that sex after 60 years is also possible if you take care of yourself in your youth.

Problems with erectile function at the age of 20-27 years and older may occur when taking hormonal drugs, for example, for the treatment of diabetes. Long-term use of hypoglycemic drugs and anabolic drugs leads to the development of fertility and a decrease in sexual function.

Drugs for the treatment of mental disorders also affect the sexual sphere. Through the endocrine organs, they negatively affect the work of the gonads. The main role here belongs to the mechanism of neurohumoral regulation of the central location, that is, the hypothalamus. The effect of psychogenic drugs on his work is reflected in libido, potency and erectile function in a negative way.

Also, some antibiotics and antidepressants have a negative effect on the functioning of the reproductive system. The specific dangerous effect of antibiotics is that they inhibit the spermatogenic epithelium, cause spasm of the outflow ducts, seminal vesicles, which lead to obstructive aspermia. Spermatogenesis is also impaired.

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