About Acne

Acne, or blackheads, is a disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands that usually affects teenagers, but can occur at any age.

It provokes the appearance of boils on the skin of the face, forehead, neck, back and chest. Growths can range from mild, painless acne to inflamed boils or pus-filled pustules with pain.


Most likely, acne is caused by a change in hormone levels during puberty. It is for this reason that more adolescents are affected than other age groups. Those with oily skin are more susceptible to developing acne. The sebaceous glands during puberty secrete sebum, which can block the small pores of the skin through which hair grows-the hair follicles.

When the ducts are blocked, the follicles can become infected with bacteria, resulting in blackheads and white dots. Acne can develop in varying degrees of severity, including cysts and nodules that can leave scars.


What drugs are recommended for acne?

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